The J Files

London , 17/10/98.


I discovered your serious home-page at the web by total mistake. Though, my attention was focused on the article about Jack the Ripper. As it happens to speak your language, I was surprised from the clearness and the detail of the little Ripper's biography. I have thought that you may know even more things from the investigations made by I.F.J.R.H.R.

My story is not very much complicated. At my age of 15, I first learned about Jack the Ripper; stories like that usually attract adolescents' curiosity. Since then I have seen a lot of movies, read a lot of books. I had an unlimited passion to learn more and more about the story and the entire life of this man who produced such a discussion about his perfect crimes in Britain of 1888-1900. By growing up, I realized that this passion would caracterise my whole life until now.

I studied psychology at the University of Edinburgh, at Scotland. You see, I am half Scotch and I was always seeking for the opportunity to live for a while at my Fatherland. Then, I continued with postgraduate studies in criminology. After completing my PhD, I started working for the University of London and, part-time, I was giving my opinion to several problems concerning "difficult" crimes of the Scotland Yard's Crime Bureau.

Of course, during all those years I have never quited my investigation of the Rippers' life. As I was finding more elements of his story, his character, his interests, his personality, I became even more curious and more passionated. Until the day I discovered a tiny detail of his life.

Mr Kanavouras, Jack the Ripper, as you may already know, had a family. He was married twice, once at 1907 and once at 1924. He had two girls , from his first wife. I was surprised when I learned how well I knew one of those girls.

Mr Kanavouras, you might be interested in learning that the Ripper's youngest daughter, born in West London in 1921, was my mother. Jack the Ripper was my grandfather. A famous grandfather I've never met. From times to times I was receiving toys and other gifts from the granny, but my mother was always telling me that he was living abroad. You see, after abandoning his first wife and his daughters, he went to Germany with his new girlfriend, a young German student of philosophy. They married and they lived in happiness until 1938. Then they couldn't stand the rise of Hitler and the Nazis and they moved to the States. Jack the Ripper had already an academic experience and he taught philosophy courses at Harvard University.

Mr Kanavouras, now my passion is stronger. I need to have more information about my lost grandfather, the Ripper. I need to know. I have heard about the research of I.F.J.R.H.R., but I couldn't get a contact. Apart my personal investigation, which seems to be stacked, you are my first and my last hope to collect me elements or get linked to new sources. Mr Kanavouras, I need your help. Learning about Jack the Ripper, I learn about myself.

Yours sincerely,
P.A.H. McForester

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